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Why use a smart technology integration company?

Knowing what smart devices to pick and successfully setting them up to work together perfectly is not a small task.  Smart technology is exploding, with thousands of products, from sensors to appliances to voice controllers to you name it.  Devices from different manufacturers often don’t work well together and functions are often limited when brands are mixed together.

Smart technology integration companies start with understanding what you need or want.  Then they select the products that will deliver that functionality.  Last, they set it up to work just how you envisioned.  And, should something go wrong, they are there to rectify the issue and get you back to enjoying your investment.

Smart Technology Experts

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Becoming a smart technology expert is a lengthy process that takes time, requires trial and error and costs a lot.  Who has the time and resources for that?  We do.  We’ve already figured this stuff out, so save yourself the time and headache and let us make your vision a reality.  Go play frisbee with someone you love.

Simplify Smart Management

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Its easy to end up with 15 apps to manage all the pieces of your smart technology.  Ain’t nobody got time for ‘dat!  We combine products that can be managed with the smallest number of apps (our goal – one app).  Smart should feel smart.

Know Your Options

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We live and breath smart tech, so we know what’s out there.  A device to shut off your water if a pipe bursts?  Check.  Shut the garage door automatically if you left it open?  Check.  See who is at your door on your smart watch?  Check.  You name it…there are thousands of devices.  And we’re your guide.


We take the headaches and intimidation out of smart technology, freeing you to enjoy, benefit from and brag about it.  Smart simplified!


From cutting edge surveillance systems to WiFi to intelligent climate control, we partner with your business to help it succeed.

Continuous Care Services

Enjoy and maximize your smart technology investment by subscribing to our Continuous Care services.  Preventative maintenance & help when you need it.

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