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We take the headaches and intimidation out of smart technology, freeing you to enjoy, benefit from and brag about it.  Smart simplified!


From cutting edge surveillance systems to WiFi to intelligent climate control, we partner with your business to help it succeed.

Continuous Care Services

Enjoy and maximize your smart technology investment by subscribing to our Continuous Care services.  Preventative maintenance & help when you need it.

Our services

We Are Your One-Stop Smart Technology Partner

Lights, switches, outlets, door locks, garage door openers, cameras, audio, water sensors, freeze sensors, motion sensors, electrical sensors, smart routines, thermostats, showers, toilets, window coverings, appliances, you name it.  If it is ‘smart,’ we’ve got you covered.  Any aspects of services we don’t have in-house, we subcontract to partner companies so you have a simple process and a finished product.  We’ll even help you with existing tech in your house or business.

One-stop…for real.

Residential Services

Smart technology can free your mind.  Not sure if you closed the garage door?  Wondering if you remembered to lock the back door before climbing into bed?  Curious if your package arrived…and if it is still there?  So many things that can worry us today can be cleared from our minds with smart technology.  Let us help you make your home more restful.

Smart Door Locks

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We’ll replace your existing deadbolt with a smart lock.  You’ll know if your door is locked or unlocked at all times and whether your door is open or closed.  Also, you’ll be able to lock your doors or let someone into the house from anywhere! 

Smart Garage Door Openers

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Put your days of wondering if you closed the garage door behind you for good!  Know if your garage door is open or closed.  Close or open it from anywhere in the world.  Be alerted if it is open beyond a set amount of time, or set it to close after a certain amount of time automatically.  And for you parents of teens, know when your kid got home last night by looking at the event history.  So much is possible!

We can add smart devices to your existing opener(s) or replace your opener(s) with smart units.  Either way, your life is going to get a tad simpler.


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Know what’s going on anywhere you want.  See the kids playing in the yard.  Know who’s at your door and talk to them from anywhere.  Be alerted to activity in your back yard after a certain time at night.  And so much more.

We have cameras for every situation, from AC to battery powered, indoor or outdoor.  Some of our cameras have facial recognition, so you can know if some the person behind your house is friend or foe.  We’ll listen to your needs and identify the right solution for you. We’ll have you up and seeing in no time.

Smart Routines

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Smart devices are only as smart as how they are tied together.  That’s where smart routines come into play.  This is the awesome sauce.

Create a smart routine that locks the doors, closes the blinds and closes the garage doors automatically after a certain time at night or when your home recognizes that your smart phones are no longer in the house (aka you all left!).  Or, how about having gentle lighting come on automatically to guide your path to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and then shut off on their own.  Or have your garage door open automatically when you get close to home.  Set the lights to flash your favorite team’s colors when they win.  Or have your house automatically turn-off the water if it detects a pipe break, and alert you immediately.  The sky is the limit, and we are your pilot.  Let’s get creative together!


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Sensors come in all shapes and sizes.  Water, light, motion, open/close, temperature and more.  When your home knows what is happening, it can make decisions to simplify your life.

Know if the kids fed the dog.  Close the blinds automatically when it gets dark.  Be alerted if the temperature in your house is dropping.  Don’t water the grass if it is going to rain.  So many things are possible with sensors.  We’ll be your sensor sensei.  Wax on…

Business Services

We are a creative company, providing smart solutions for new build-outs or to existing infrastructure improvements.  We provide everything from cutting edge commercial multi-campus surveillance systems, WiFi systems, LED lighting upgrades, door and window sensors, motion sensors, facility-wide thermostat management, and many other needs.

Intelligent Multi-campus Camera Systems

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Our camera systems are from an American company and provide up to 4k resolution, facial recognition, an ability to provide feeds to police for emergency situations, are able to be monitored via cell phone and much more.   Don’t settle…select the best system for your business.

Wi-Fi Systems

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Whether wired or wireless, we can provide your business with the Internet connectivity is requires.  Let us ensure you and your team have high-speed Internet connectivity in every situation.

LED Lighting Conversions

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Stop wasting money on inefficient lighting technologies.  Let us replace your money-wasting lighting systems with next generation lighting that is not only efficient, but much easier on the eyes. 


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From door and window open/close sensors to motion sensors to temperature sensors to you name it, we can provide you with a clear understanding of what is happening in your business, whether you are there or in Italy.  Know what’s going on.

Facility-wide Thermostat Management

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Manage the thermostats across your business efficiently and from anywhere.  Stop wasting money and start taking control of the temperature management of your business. 

Continuous Care Services

Enjoy and maximize your smart technology investment by subscribing to our Continuous Care services.  Preventative maintenance & help when you need it.

Predictable Costs

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Our Continuous Care Services package allow you to have clear understanding of what your annual support will cost.  Let our fixed annuity support services keep your costs predictable and your tech performing at its peak!

Proactive Updates

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Software and/or firmware updates for technology  is a given, these days.  Keep yourself secure and ensure you have the latest features by allowing us to keep your software and firmware up to date in your home or business.

Battery Replacements

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Many smart devices today are wireless, meaning they have batteries…which eventually die.  Rather than run around finding battery replacements for your smart devices, let us keep the batteries in your devices updated and your smart tech online. 

Quick Local Support

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We’re based in the Cedar Valley and our passion is to make sure you are taken care of.  Subscribe to our Continuous Care Services and know that you are covered, from smart technology to your computer to your TV and beyond, we are your technology partner. 

Support for All Your Tech

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We don’t just care about your ‘smart’ tech, we care about all your tech.  So, if your TV remote is not behaving, we are here.  If you get a new smart phone and need to move everything over to it, we are here to help.  If your broadband isn’t measuring up, we will help you understand what the situation is and give you the info you need to address it with your service provider.  Let us partner with you to simplify your life.


Starting with your smart technology goals, we layout a strategy that fits your budget and timeline. Your vision, your way.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All of our work is backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t fully satisfied, we’ll fix it. Period.

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Share what you want and we’ll layout what you need and what it will cost. Surprises are for birthdays…not projects.

Home or business, we take care of your technology needs.

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